Greenie Goes Right

Entry for Ludum Dare 42: "Running Out of Space" (

Didn't have nearly as much time for LD42 as I was expecting sadly, so I went retro and simple.  Toying around with Canvas I thought this would be kind of a funny little game.  Thanks for playing.

Tools: Canvas + TypeScript, sfxr, Bacardi Superior

Score is computed by the height of the column you just moved from times the "# of loops" multiplier.

NOTE: regarding score -- you can start a new game during the initial block falling animation as many times as you want before Greenie appears, by pressing ENTER or clicking the mouse (kind of a bug but I left it in in case you are looking for different colored blocks) so if you care about your avg score stats obviously be wary of that.


Source Code & Resources 81 kB

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